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As one of the leading journals in the fields of biography and autobiography, Life Writing is constantly looking for the best authors, guest editors, and reviewers to share their expertise. Please visit any of the pages below to find out how you can contribute to Life Writing and continue its widespread impact.

Maureen Perkins

Reflections Editor:
Rachel Robertson, Curtin University, Australia

Associate Editor:
Alexis Harley, La Trobe University, Australia

Reviews Editors:
Muireann Leech
Lis Hanscombe, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Life Writing Guidelines for Guest Editors

If your special themed edition has been accepted by the editors of Life Writing, then we hope that the following information will help you work towards publication date with no problems.

There are four editions of the journal each year,…

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Life Writing Book Reviews- Guidelines for Reviewers

Life Writing carries book reviews of about 2000 words. We prefer to review works of analysis that draw on the life writing genre (e.g. Thomas Couser's Memoir, reviewed by Susannah Mintz in Life Writing 10.3, 2013) but we also sometimes carry…

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