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Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal

Papers are sought for a special issue of the journal Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal (IAPA) on investigating the use of Strategic Environmental Assessment in the private sector.

For more than a decade, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been an integral part of legislation in the European Union and many countries around the world, becoming a valuable addition to the toolbox of environmental practitioners worldwide. So far, there has been a clear focus in research and practice on the use of SEA in the public sector but there is increasing evidence that SEA may also assist corporate planning (e.g. strategy development), decision-making and ultimately environmental and social outcomes of development by the private sector.

Some ideas for potential topics covered in the special issue include: How can private organisations use SEA to support their corporate strategic planning and decisions (for example to reach new sustainability goals or assist in building climate resilience)? What are the known or potential benefits of utilising SEA? What might motivate or prevent companies from using SEA? What is the legal framework for SEA take-up by private organisations in different jurisdictions? How should SEAs be conducted, improved or widened in scope to facilitate application and utility in the private sector? We welcome original research papers, case studies, conceptual or theoretical papers, as well as practice papers that describe specific examples. We believe a wide scope is necessary in order to gather all relevant experiences, thoughts and research results within this emerging field.

Submission Instructions

Please send an EOI/abstract by October 30, 2017 to, specifying author(s), affiliation, email, draft title and brief summary (circa 300 words) of the intended paper.

  • All papers should comply with the general style of the papers published in Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal (IAPA). Please get a sense of the style of the journal by considering some of the latest papers published in IAPA. 
  • Note that the Harvard system of referencing is used, and that papers should normally be around 5,000 to 8,000 words long (including references).
  • For other details, please consult the instructions for authors on the journal website. 

The milestones and timelines for the special issue are as follows:

  1. Closing Date for Expressions of Interest (abstracts) - 30 October 2017
  2. Closing Date for receipt of full papers - March 1 2018
  3. Initial screening by editors - November 2017
  4. Distribute papers to referees - March 2018
  5. Closing date for return of referee reports - April 2018
  6. Decision made about short list of papers for further development, authors notified - 15 November 2017
  7. Revisions made by authors and papers returned to editors - May 15 2018
  8. Final editing completed and manuscripts accepted - June 30 2018
  9. Proof reading of page proofs from publisher completed - Autumn 2018
  10. Publication date – January 2019