Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications Special Issue: Microwave Tubes and Applications

Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications

The Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications invites you to submit your research to a Microwave Tubes and Applications Special Issue in 2017. The special issue will be guest-edited by Prof. B. N. Basu of the Sir J. C. Bose School of Engineering, a major contributor to the field of microwave tube (MWT) research with several awards to his name.

MWTs have applications in a broad range of fields, including military and civilian communication, industry, scientific research, and medicine. The advantages of MWTs over Solid State Device (SSD) counterparts with respect to performance can be optimally exploited in vacuum microelectronic tubes, and plasma assistance offers new ways of enhancement. Further investigation into MWT design, simulation, analysis, and development offers opportunities for innovation in established sectors as well as the discovery of new, unconventional applications.

Why Publish with the Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications?

In addition to the prestige of being published in a special issue guest-edited by one of the top researchers in the field, authors will also benefit from the following:

  • Having your research validated by a robust peer review process;
  • Increase your opportunities for future collaboration as a contributor to a journal ranked within the Journal Citation Reports®;
  • An array of options to help you share your research such as 50 free e-prints and tips on promoting your article via blogs and social media courtesy of our Author Resources site;
  • Immediately seeing the impact your research made in the community through tracking downloads, citations, and the Altmetric Score of your article on My Authored Works;
  • and much more!

Submission Instructions

We welcome papers on the following topics of:
•    Improved-performance conventional MWTs;
•    MWTs combining the advantages of both vacuum and SSDs/microelectronics;
•    Intense Relativistic Electron Beam (IREB)-driven MWTs;
•    Fast-wave MWTs;
•    Plasma-assisted MWTs;
•    Electron emitters of MWTs.

We invite you to send us your submissions by June 30, 2017 via the journal's ScholarOne Manuscripts page.