Journal of Visual Art Practice Call for Submissions on Book Reviews

Journal of Visual Art Practice

Book Review Guidelines
We welcome reviews of books that broadly relate to the core values of the Journal of Visual Art Practice. JVAP is concerned with visual art practice including the social, economic, political and cultural frames within which the formal concerns of art and visual art practice are located. The journal is concerned with research engaged in these disciplines, and with the contested ideas of knowledge formed through that research.
Content- Below are some aspects that you might want to consider:
-The overall concept
-How well this is communicated
-How the book sits within past research of the author
-How this book adds to current knowledge

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How To Submit

Book reviews would normally be around 1000 words in length. However, if you wish to make it longer, please discuss this with the Reviews Editor (See below).

Please head your review with information about the book: Author, Title, Publisher, Date

Following this information, please type “Reviewed by” followed by your name, title, and affiliation.
Please use the Taylor and Francis style guidance for your review.

Please send book reviews to Imogen Racz:
Images can be sent by file transfer like WeSendIt to Imogen Racz: and provide evidence of copyright clearance.

Editorial information

  • Reviews Editor : Imogen Racz, Coventry University (
  • Edited by: Mary Anne Francis, University of Brighton
  • Edited by: Craig Richardson, Loughborough University