European Sport Management Quarterly Call for Papers: Social Responsibility and the European Sport Context

European Sport Management Quarterly

ESMQ 2019 Special Issue (19.1)
Deadline: 30 November 2017

Academia, industry, civic groups, and policy-makers are increasingly recognising the significance of social responsibility in and through sport (Paramio-Salcines, Babiak & Walters, 2013; Slack, 2014). Over the last decade, research into corporate/social responsibility (CSR/SR), sustainability and governance in and through sport has created a fundamental, mostly descriptive body of sport management literature. Walzel and Robertson (2016) identify more than 700 individual articles on the topic of social responsibility and sport published between 2006 and 2015.

The scholarly potential for sport management researchers lies in analysing current activities and leading ways forward – especially based on deeper theoretical anchoring and reflections on the dynamic developments of the topic and its application over the last decade. Amongst other, contextually embedded and longitudinal research is still in its infancy as are theory development and testing; insights into organisational decision-making processes; organisational capacity to respond to social pressures; the role of individuals as social innovation agents and entrepreneurs; and consequences of social responsibility for organisational cultures, for the integrity of sport and for public value (Breitbarth, Walzel, Anagnostopoulos & van Eekeren, 2015).

Aim and Focus of the Special Issue

This special issue provides a notable opportunity to examine obvious gaps in the current body of knowledge and stimulate new approaches in a sport management field which has received growing attention over the past years. However, past research into the topic has been dominated by explorative accounts. Yet, ambitious descriptive works as well as more explanatory and critical investigations with empirical relevance aiming towards theoretical/conceptual development are most promising for our academic understanding, managerial impact and future research agendas.

At the same time, still a large number of publications are inspired by, and derive from, a North American perspective – both a North American framing of ‘sport’ and of ‘social responsibility’. Hence, this research is prone to ignore the specifics of the European context: different sport structures/cultures; different routes of professionalization/ commercialisation; the importance of amateur/public/non-for-profit sport organisations; the political/civic/policy/cultural environment; and more general, the plurality of Europe with its rich and diverse identities.

Therefore, contributions to this special issue need to be explicitly concerned with a European perspective – i.e. they need a European ‘anchor’. This can be achieved by considering one and/or another of the following avenues:

  • On a contextual and empirical level, research can place sport-specific or directly sport-related institutions/actors/issues in the centre that originate from or mainly operate out of Europe.
  • On a theoretical and conceptual level, research can embrace theories, models or ways of thinking specific to/originating from European perspectives/philosophies/movements (e.g. Scandinavian institutionalism; social market economical thinking; critical management theory, etc.).
  • Comparative research is also strongly encouraged, i.e. where theoretical lenses or contextual/empirical matters are systematically compared either within Europe or where institutions/issues from within Europe are compared to institutions/relevant matters from outside Europe.
  • Review papers focusing on or mainly including European aspects and current issues are welcomed as well as work that is somehow concerned with how the European (C)SR debate has been ‘exported’ through/within sport or impacted on developments elsewhere.

Contributors may come from any human, social and management science discipline and embrace any methodology.

Submission instructions

Papers should be submitted in electronic format through Manuscript Central, indicating you want the manuscript to be considered for Special Issue 19.1 [manuscripts in review process]. Please refer to ESMQ’s Instructions for Authors prior to submitting your manuscript.

Proposed and Indicative Timeline

Early 2017: Invitation to participate in the ESMQ Special Issue Workshop at the 25th EASM Conference (Bern, Switzerland, 5-8 September 2017). This is an optional activity.

November 30, 2017:  Submission deadline of full papers for consideration for the 2019 ESMQ Special Issue. Manuscripts in review process.

January 31, 2018: Feedback to authors

March 31, 2018: Return date for revised manuscripts. Second round of review process (if necessary)

May 31, 2018: Second revisions back from authors. Final decisions are made. Materials are prepared for final publication

July 15, 2018: Materials sent to publisher. From this date onwards, the materials will be available for readers on iFirst

January 2019: Publication of European Sport Management Quarterly, 19(1)

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