Tourism Planning and Development marks a new era Tourism Planning & Development

At its annual Editorial Board meeting, Professor Richard Sharpley officially announced the two new co-editors of Tourism Planning & Development journal: Professor Marina Novelli (University of Brighton) and Professor Dianne Dredge (Aalborg University).

The appointment came after Professor Peter Burns’ recent decision to stand down from his position of co-editor of the journal, after a number of years in the role.

Under Richard and Peter’s co-editorship, Tourism Planning & Development has flourished; it has become firmly established as a respected and widely read journal, and this success is in no small measure down to Peter’s hard work and enthusiasm.  Taylor and Francis kindly hosted a lunch at Cherwell Boathouse Restaurant for the Editorial Board to say thank you to Peter for the time and energy he has committed to the journal and at the same token welcome the two new co-editors in the team. 

The new editorial appointments will build upon the Journal’s established reputation and strengths in tourism planning and development studies, and will sharpen the critical, engaged and progressive approaches to research and practice for which the Journal is known. Of particular interest to the editors is to continue spanning boundaries between research, industry, public, private and third sector organisations and community groups. Engaged and action oriented research is particularly welcome. Coming from different backgrounds, the new editorial team has expertise that spans a wide range of research and geographical themes.

Marina Novelli is Professor of Tourism and International Development at the Centre of Sports, Tourism and Leisure Studies, University of Brighton, UK. As a geographer with a background in economics, she is known as an expert in the field of international tourism policy, planning, development and management. She has advised on numerous international cooperation and research assignments funded by International Development Organisations (IDOs) such as: The World Bank, the European Union, The UN (UNESCO, UNIDO, UNWTO), the Commonwealth Secretariat, National Ministries and Tourism Boards, Regional Development Agencies and NGOs.  Known globally for her excellence in leading and collaborating with multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder and multi-cultural teams and for her commitment to generating new knowledge on ways in which tourism can play a key role in sustainable development by stimulating local economies, conserving the environment, developing peoples and changing lives, Marina has written and advised extensively on a number of tourism and hospitality-related aspects in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Dianne Dredge is Professor in the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark. She is Chair of the Tourism Education Futures Initiative, a network of over 500+ tourism educators and practitioners who believe in the powerful transformative effects of education in building sustainable and just forms of tourism for the future. A qualified urban and environmental planner, Dianne has 20 years of practical experience working with communities, governments, tourism operators and NGOs. Her research interests include tourism development processes, collaborative governance, tourism policy, tourism knowledge dynamics and tourism education. While originally from Australia, Dianne has also lived and/or worked in Canada, Mexico, China and Denmark, experiences that have sharpened her interest in embedded community case study methodologies, community participation, capacity-building, and cross-cultural communication.