Christopher Andrew-Michael Handel Prize Intelligence and National Security

Intelligence and National Security

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Christopher Andrew-Michael Handel Prize for the best article published in Intelligence and National Security during 2017. Jeffrey G. Karam will be rewarded £1,000 stipend and scroll, presented at the 2018 annual meeting of the International Studies Association in San Francisco, for his article “Missing Revolution: The American Intelligence Failure in Iraq, 1958”. It appeared in volume 32 issue 6 of the journal, in October 2017.

The panel gave the following reasoning for their choice: “…the article is a fascinating, well-written account of what the author correctly identifies as an under-studied example of American intelligence failure. It combines historical and social science approaches to provide an explanation for the failure to anticipate events in Iraq in 1958 and suggests lessons that can inform broader debates about the nature of intelligence failure and how it might be prevented. As such, it makes a very useful contribution to the literature on intelligence failure which others are sure to draw on in future work.”

The winning article is currently free to access until December, 2018.