Ruth First Prize Review of African Political Economy

Review of African Political Economy

The Editorial Working Group of Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) is pleased to announce the 2016 winners of the Ruth First prize. The prize is awarded for the best article published by an African author in the journal in a publication year. This year, the prize was shared between two authors, Grasian Mkodzongi for his article “I am a paramount chief, this land belongs to my ancestors: the reconfiguration of rural authority after Zimbabwe's land reforms”, and Steven Nabieu Rogers for his article “Rethinking ‘expert sense’ in international development: the case of Sierra Leone's housing policy”.

The ROAPE Prize Committee said Mkodzongi's article “…provides a timely and important analysis of the shifting role of chieftaincies in relation to land in Zimbabwe. What is particularly refreshing is the way in which the author offers original empirical insights to offer an under-studies insight into local contestation over land and other resources. “

The article was published in the ROAPE special issue “Land, liberation and democracy: a tribute to Lionel Cliffe” in September 2016.

The Prize Committee commented that Nabieu Rogers’ article “…provides a nuanced analysis of the urban political economy of a post-conflict state, it also challenges the traditional conception of the location of power by focusing on the unique position of the local elite or ‘glocalized expert’. The choice of the housing sector is particularly interesting given the history of displacement in Sierra Leone and its remaking under a neoliberal policy making apparatus.

The article was published in the ROAPE issue “150” in June 2016.

Both prize-winning articles can be read for free until December 2018.