New for 2017! Science and Medicine in Football

Science and Medicine in Football

Science and Medicine in Football – A new independent journal focusing on football-related research

The first issue of our new journal Science and Medicine in Football (Sci Med Football) has been printed and is accessible online. It shall serve to provide a platform for the community of football researchers and enable quick and efficient distribution of knowledge relevant to the field. Whilst on one hand side we remain open to a number of football codes, on the other we have decided to restrict the journal´s topics to physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, training and testing, sports medicine, performance analysis, sport psychology and coaching. This decision was made because it is our perception that interest groups as well as scientific methodology hardly overlap between these fields on the one hand side and the social sciences on the other. These decisions do not necessarily stand forever but will hopefully serve to give the journal the intended 'profile'.

Since Sci Med Football has already existed for over 3 years as a regular supplement of the Journal of Sports Sciences we took the decision to put together a sample of articles from that earlier period. This was done with the intention to give all potentially interested individuals and institutions an idea of the areas covered by our scientific articles. In that context, two features of Sci Med Football appear particularly noteworthy because they are not reflected in this 'special collection': the point – counterpoint section and the boxes with practical implications at the end of all original articles. We, the editors-in-chief, will identify 'hot topics' for each issue and approach well known scientists in this field to put together a concise statement. We will take care that most current standpoints ('point' and 'counterpoint') are reflected and contrasts become visible. The intention with the practical implications box is to force each author (group) to clearly delineate what the practical meaning of their study is. It reflects our perception that a growing number of 'embedded scientists' works for football clubs and will hopefully appreciate such advice 'at a glance'.

We hope to offer an interesting journal to the world-wide football community and are very ambitious and confident to become the home of football research. Please, do not hesitate to contact us should you have constructive criticism or suggestions for future directions of Sci Med Football. Enjoy reading!

Tim Meyer, Franco Impellizzeri (Editors-in-Chief)

Science and Medicine in Football