Virtual Special Issue: Asian Pacific American Politics Politics, Groups, and Identities

Politics, Groups, and Identities

Introduction to the Virtual Special Issue

Andrew Aoki, Augsburg University
Pei-te Lien, University of California, Santa Barbara

We are delighted to be able to offer this online-only expanded version of the special issue on APA politics. In addition to the fourteen entries found in the print version of the 6:3 (2018) issue of the journal, the VSI contains an additional twelve pieces on or related to the studying of APA politics, curated from submissions that were published or recently accepted for publication in Politics, Groups, and Identities (PGI). The combination offers readers an unprecedented and excellent opportunity to appreciate the breadth and depth of recent research on APA politics.

We are also very pleased that the VSI is ungated until the end of February 2019, allowing for a much greater audience to benefit from this pioneering effort. However, we should note that the free access will only exist for a limited time, after which access will again be limited to those with subscriptions (or who have access to a library which has a subscription). In addition, the ToC will be posted on the Asian Pacific American Caucus website.

We hope this expanded collection of research on APA politics will be of great use to teaching, research, and activism. We thank Taylor & Francis for making the virtual special issue available at the same time as the print edition of  6:3 (2018), allowing instructors to incorporate some of the offerings in fall 2018 or future syllabi. We again thank the PGI editorial team as well as all the authors and reviewers, who worked very hard to make it happen.

All articles below are free to access via this page only until 28 February 2019.

Research Articles