Free Access to 2017 Prize Winning Article and 2018 Editors’ Selection Representation: Journal of Representative Democracy


Representation - The Journal of Representative Democracy is pleased to announce the 2017 prize winning article and 2018 Editors' Selection, as chosen by the journal editors.

The winners of the best paper in 2017 prize are Nicholas Pyeatt and Alixandra B. Yanus for their article “Increasing Women’s Political Participation: The Role of Women-Friendly Districts”.

Matthew Flinders and David Judge received an honourable mention for their article “Fifty Years of Representative and Responsible Government: Contemporary Relevance, Theoretical Revisions and Conceptual Reflection”.

Both articles are available as free to access for 12 months and six months respectively.

The editors also chose two articles to represent the 2018 Editor Selection. Both are also free access until 31st December 2018:

Putting Party First? Constituency Service in Denmark”, by Asbjørn Skjæveland & Flemming Juul Christiansen
Participatory developments in majoritarian and consensus democracies” by Brigitte Geissel & Ank Michels