City's Project (1996 - 2016): Then and Now: 'It all comes together in Los Angeles?' City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action


The first issue of City began with the words:

 ‘What is a city in the late twentieth century? What could and should it be? When? Where? How?’

It  asked those questions at the end of the twentieth century but from the start it looked forward into the twenty-first century. Now nearing its twentieth year and the end of the  second decade of the twenty-first it restates and reconsiders, in seven episodes, the record and analysis it has presented and is presenting, never forgetting  the question, largely ignored by most observers: How?

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Two key texts from the first issue (1996) of City —the editorial and David Harvey’s ‘Cities or Urbanization?’—are republished here, with the addition of a later text by Andrea Gibbons (2010), ‘Bridging Theory and Practice

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