Invitation to Submit a Bid to Host the JCPA and the ICPA-Forum Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis

The Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice (JCPA) is currently accepting proposals from universities that are an active sponsor of the JCPA and the International Comparative Policy Analysis (ICPA-) Forum, or that are interested in becoming actively involved, to serve as the host. JCPA is a prestigious international journal which has pioneered this domain of study for almost two decades and which continues to be the only journal of comparative policy studies in the field. The ICPA-Forum is a scholarly network which has been supporting the mission statement of the JCPA, and which includes nearly 45 leading institutional sponsors from around the world, and has active partnerships with 10 international associations, including APSA, IPSA, IFPSA, MPSA, NISPAcee, INPAE, ENAP, MEPAA, APPAM, NASPAA, forthcoming LASA.

1. Background

The JCPA and ICPA-Forum were hosted at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada until 2012, and subsequently at SPIA, Baruch College of City University of New York. The current contract expires in the Spring of 2017. The current transition emerges out of Strategic Planning Retreats of the Executive Board and Board of Directors of the JCPA and ICPA-Forum, which took place in October and November 2016.  The transition also coincides with a new contract with a publisher of the JCPA to include additional support and greater flexibility.

2. Benefits

JCPA and ICPA-Forum can well fit in a School or Program that has an international mission and seeks international prominence. As a host, a university would benefit from the visibility and prestige associated with the JCPA, the readily available international outreach of the ICPA-Forum on five continents and all related tangible benefits. 


The JCPA and ICPA-Forum extend the possibility of personal contact with about 45 international universities whose representatives serve on our International Institutional Council to facilitate faculty and student collaboration on research, publications, instruction and others, as well as visits and exchanges;

  • The host institution receives special elevated designation as Platinum Sponsor (designation not available to other sponsors), while paying a Silver Institutional Member fee only;
  • The university/program/department logos and links will be featured prominently on the website (which, in 2015, had over 36,000 downloads of articles) and in the print version of the JCPA — received by over 1,500 libraries worldwide; 
  • The host institution will have the benefit of access to the listserv of the ICPA Forum (1400 members) for communications and advertisements, as well as those of its partner associations (over 10,000 members;
  • The host institution will have access to post special events, Calls, and other topics as appropriate on the JCPA and ICPA-Forum website which have hundreds of visits per month;
  • There will be recognition of the host institution at the annual business and awards meetings of the 10 international partner associations listed above;
  • There will be featured attention to the host institution at the Annual International JCPA and ICPA-Forum workshops and research symposia around the world.


Opportunities for involvement in the leadership team of the JCPA and ICPA-Forum:                                                                                                 

  • Faculty as Co-editors or JCPA Section Associate Editors;
  • Graduate students and junior faculty involvement and mentoring in the ins and outs of scholarly publications;
  • Ability to propose special issues and, on acceptance, receive priority publication slotting in the JCPA;
  • Ability to propose, join, Chair or co-Chair special committees and working groups established by the ICPA-Forum
  • Graduate students in various support positions with the JCPA and ICPA-Forum;
  • Provision of a variety of tools in the teaching process;
  • Comparative course development.


An Opportunity for the development of an International (Comparative) Research Lab in conjunction with a Visiting International Comparative Chair.

  • The Lab will serve as an unique hub enhancing and providing leadership in international and comparative research - involving faculty and graduate students;
  • Chair in International comparative public policy and affairs will anchor in an explicit way research and research proposals in comparative international studies, to advance the domain;
  • The JCPA and ICPA-Forum, through the extensive international comparative network, will bring in prominent international scholars as Visiting International Comparative Chairs for periods ranging one month to one year;
  • International comparative talk series - will bring in JCPA and ICPA-Forum leading international scholars for brown bag talks, invited lectures, or “workshops” to students;
  • Graduate students mentoring – will involve leading scholars with PhD/graduate students and enhance their supervision or counsel from a wide spectrum of ideas and expertise. 

3. Commitments

The host institution is expected to make a five-year commitment beginning June 1, 2017 to provide space for a clearly marked editorial JCPA and Forum office, and the following types of support.

3.1.The budget to support the JCPA and ICPA-Forum includes the costs for:

  • Administrative positions: secretarial assistance, activities coordinator, editorial manager, associate to editorial manager, executive secretary and treasurer;
  • Financial: budgeting, book-keeping, etc.;
  • Marketing & Media: social media coordinator, social media support, advertising, etc.;
  • Legal support;
  • Web support: website update and maintenance;
  • Meetings: Annual board meetings, annual workshop, research symposia;
  • Other various ad-hoc tasks;
  • Editorial office equipment (computer, laptop, software, data and related miscellaneous.

The above can be provided in full or partially by the host institution’s staff assigned specifically for an x number of weekly hours for these specific tasks, or can be monetized to pay existing personnel or new hires.

  • Travel: Travel to and from business and editorial meetings, representation at partner association conferences, presentation of annual awards, participation in international annual workshops and research symposia, and others as required.
  • For the duration of the contract, the founding editor and president of the JCPA and ICPA-Forum, Prof. Iris Geva-May, is willing to serve as an ambassador at the host institution. She will accept the position of visiting professor, or the equal, at her rank of full professor, and will contribute to the School in this full or partial position, as convened. Of particular interest is work with PhD and Post-doctoral students as well as other graduate students. A commensurate salary is expected. Dr. Geva-May will establish the JCPA and Forum at the host institution and foster the institution’s faculty leadership in the Journal and the Forum. Should this be of interest to the hosting institution, she will initiate an International Comparative Policy Research Lab and an International Visiting Chair, which is on the JCPA and Forum agenda in order to advance the maturing domain of international comparative studies under the leadership of the host institution.

4. Proposal Review Process

To be considered as a host institution, please submit a formal letter of intent by an authorized representative of the institution no later than January 12, 2017. A formal written proposal must be submitted no later than February 10, 2017. In this proposal an authorized representative of the institution states interest in serving as the host, acceptance of the terms (commitments) stated above, and additional details (salary, expected involvement inclusive of teaching and/or mentoring load, etc. associated with the visiting professorship position) or additional offers of support (clerical or professional staff assistance, doctoral student support, office space, etc.) that would assist in the review and selection process. Clarification, negotiation and site visits will occur in February 2017.

Proposals should be submitted via email to: Prof. Iris Geva-May, Founding President and Editor-in-chief ( and Prof. Nadia Rubaii, Director of International Partnerships ( and cc. Courtney Scott, Executive Secretary/Treasurer.

Proposals will be reviewed by a select sub-committee of the Board of Directors and negotiations or requests for clarification will occur until March 30. A final selection shall be announced by or before March 3, 2017 to allow sufficient time for a smooth transition.


ADDENDUM:  INFORMATIVE FACTS (excerpts from ICPA-Forum Constitution)

SECTION 1: Founded in 1998, the JCPA pioneered the domain of policy analytic studies and is still the only journal unique to comparative policy analytic studies in the field. The JCPA mission statement as outlined in its Aims and Scope is to publish scholarship that captures differences or similarities of public policy concerns and among national, international, and other social units. Since its inception it sought to advance the following goals in this new domain of comparative policy studies: (Geva-May, I. & Lynn, E.L, JCPA, 1998):

  1. Theory and Methodology Building; 
  2. Comparative Theory Development;
  3. Comparative Theory Testing;
  4. Comparative Methodology Development;
  5. The Evaluation of Comparative Research Methods;
  6. International Comparative Empirical Policy Research;
  7. International The Practice Implications of Comparative Public Policy;
  8. International Policy Lesson-Drawing and Extrapolation

Prior to the inception of the Forum in 2010, the JCPA carried out activities and partnerships, which have since become the responsibility of the Forum. The Forum supports the mission statement of the JCPA to advance and disseminate comparative policy scholarship and knowledge. While the JCPA has an ongoing article stream of submissions, it also publishes Special Issues dedicated to and reflecting the comparative theme of the JCPA and Forum co-sponsored Annual Workshops, Forum co-sponsored Comparative Research Symposia and at times publishing other Special Issues related to ad-hoc Forum-sponsored events or co-sponsored events.

The JCPA is a self-standing journal, which has a Founding Editor-in-chief, Prof. Iris Geva-May, consequently holding the intellectual copyrights of the Journal, extended to a publisher over the period of a contractual agreement for the publication of the JCPA.  The JCPA has a distinct governing editorial system including its Executive Editor, who at this time is Prof. Leslie Pal of Carleton University, an Editorial Managing Director who has been Ms. Diana Walker, Simon Fraser University, since 2004, an Editorial Board comprising of founding and new international leading scholars, and an Executive Advisory Committee. The Founding Editor-in-chief Iris Geva-May would consult with the Board of Directors regarding negotiations with publishers, appointment of the JCPA Executive Committee, sponsored or co-sponsored JCPA and Forum publications.

The JCPA is a main vehicle for dissemination of international comparative thought. The JCPA’s activities are partially funded by the publisher who publishes and markets the Journal, Journal sponsoring institutions, and editorial expenses grants.  The Forum, which is associated with the JCPA, but is an independent entity from the JCPA, also co-sponsors with the JCPA a number of Best Comparative Paper Awards at key conferences in the field of policy studies, and additional publications, as well as workshops and research symposia.

SECTION 2: ICPA-FORUM (hereinafter referred to as (“ICPA- Forum” or “the Forum”):  Founded in 2010, the International Comparative Policy Analysis-Forum), is an international network of scholars dedicated to the advancement, encouragement and exchange of ideas, research, and other activities relating to comparative policy analysis and comparative policy analytic studies. Through volunteerism, the network advances the domain of comparative policy studies by way of collaborations with leading institutions and international associations, publications, interviews, monologues, opinion pieces, volume and book publications, conference presentations, peer-reviewed scholarly articles with a range of comparative lenses published by a number of publishers and across a range of academic journals in the field, including those appearing in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research & Practice (“JCPA” or “the Journal”).

FORUM STRUCTURE – The Forum is comprised of fee-paying and non-fee-paying individual members and fee-paying institutional members  who are also sponsors of the JCPA. The Forum partners with 10 international associations to advance the mission statement of the JCPA and the Forum goals. The Forum is essentially a virtual organization with light administrative needs avoiding the institutionalization of rules and procedures, biases and limitations hindering flexibility to be responsive to the direction of comparative studies globally. The independent nature acquired, given a lack of institutionalization, enables the Forum to promote a dialogue void of political institutional will. It enables the Forum to remain a non-partisan and independent non-governmental organization advancing global learning and collaboration and exchange of ideas to enhance policy analytic approach and related advisory. To these ends, the Forum involves a range of academics, researchers, and practitioners to support and enable its vision. Funds required by the Forum are minimal and enables the Forum to be responsive to a global citizenry represented by a global executive through various boards dedicated to the Forum.

The Forum has adopted the following primary goals:

  1. Bring together individuals from diverse disciplines and from different jurisdictions including cities, provinces, states, countries and policy analytic intersections across disciplines and provide them opportunities to foster collaboration and exchange of information, ideas and methodologies related to the practice and theory of comparative policy analytic studies and implementation approaches.
  2. Encourage applications of comparative policy analytic studies across a myriad of public policy domains and disciplines, and promote a dialogue between practitioners and others who are interested in comparative policy analytic studies.
  3. Facilitate the development and dissemination of knowledge about comparative policy analysis and policy studies theories, methods and their applications.
  4. Develop and update standards of practice for comparative policy analytic studies.
  5. Foster methods to improve communication and consideration of comparative policy analytic methods and results.
  6. Encourage the education and study of comparative policy studies in higher education.

In pursuit of the above goals, the Forum may issue publications, newsletters, and guidance; organize workshops, symposia and other meetings; extend awards recognizing contribution to the domain, and engage in other activities appropriate for the stimulation and improvement of work in its area of interest, and the promotion of the professional activities of its members.  The Forum is dedicated to freedom of discussion and research, and undertakes to avoid partisan positions with respect to any individual, group, or political philosophy.

SECTION 3: JCPA and FORUM LOCATION – The institutional home for the JCPA and the ICPA-Forum shall be selected through a bidding process. The President will solicit bids from Member/Sponsor Institutions to host the Forum. The President will appoint a committee of at least five (5) Forum members to review the bids and vote. They will bring their decision and recommendations to the Board of Directors for a final vote.  In the case of a tie, a coin toss shall determine the winner. At this time, and until the end of the Founding President’s term of office, the President and Editor-in-chief, who at this time is one, shall have veto rights.  The location of the principal office of the JCPA shall also be the office of the President of the Forum.  Except under exceptional circumstances, the institutional hosting of the Forum and the JCPA shall be the same.