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The Taylor & Francis Group has the largest number of ranked journals in the Geography Category of the 2015 Journal Citation Reports © and is the partner of choice for leading societies in the fields of Geography, Planning and Urban Studies, including the American Association of Geographers, American Planning Association,  and the Regional Studies Association, offering you the ideal platform to create an impact and maximise the reach of your article. 

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Area Development and Policy

New for 2016, Area Development and Policy concentrates on issues relating to the Greater BRICS and aims to publish research emerging from these countries as well from the developed world. It examines the multi-scalar and geographically differentiated relationships between economic and political organization, ways of life and work and their context, as they shape regions, cities, rural areas and their inter-relationships.

European Planning Studies

European Planning Studies is published in cooperation with the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP). It is ranked within the top 20 in the Urban Studies category of the 2015 Journal Citation Report. It is also ranked 12th in the Google Scholar rankings for Urban Studies & Planning. 
Impact Factor: 1.056

Economic Geography

Owned by Clark University since 1925, Economic Geography plays a central role in supporting and advancing the field of economic geography. It is ranked 7/77 in the Geography category and ranked 23/333 in the Economics Category of the 2015 Journal Citation Report. 
Impact Factor: 2.824

Housing Policy Debate

Housing Policy Debate provides research that informs U.S. housing and community development policy. It is ranked 11th in the Urban Studies category of the 2015 Journal Citation Report.
Impact Factor: 1.540

Housing Studies

Housing Studies is a forum for theoretical and analytical developments in the housing field. It is ranked in the top 20 in the Urban Studies category of the 2015 Journal Citation Report. It is also 20th in the Google Scholar rankings for Urban Studies & Planning. 
Impact Factor: 1.309

International Journal of Water Resources Development

International Journal of Water Resources Development is policy and practice-oriented, covering all aspects of water resources policy, management, development and governance.
Impact Factor: 1.463

Journal of Geography in Higher Education

The Journal of Geography in Higher Education (JGHE) provides a forum to discuss common educational interests, to present the results of educational research, and to advocate new ideas. It is featured in the top 20 in the Google Scholar rankings for Higher Education category.
Impact Factor: 1.034 

Journal of Urban Design

Included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), Journal of Urban Design advances theory, research and practice in urban design, providing a new forum to bring together those contributing to this re-emerging discipline. 
2015 Impact per Publication score: 0.705; SNIP: 0.917; SJR: 0.605 (Values from Scopus).

Regional Studies

The leading journal of the RSA, Regional Studies covers the development of theories and concepts, empirical analysis and policy debate in the field of regional studies. It is ranked within the top 20 in the Geography category of the 2015 Journal Citation Report. It is also 2nd in the Google Scholar rankings for Urban Studies & Planning.
Impact Factor: 1.987

Regional Studies, Regional Science

Regional Studies, Regional Science, is an open access journal published in association with the RSA, working on regional issues in geography, economics, planning, and political science.

Space and Polity

Space and Polity is devoted to the theoretical and empirical understanding of the changing relationships between the state, and regional and local forms of governance.
2015 Impact per Publication score: 0.852; SNIP: 0.649; SJR: 0.606 (Values from Scopus).

Spatial Economic Analysis

Spatial Economic Analysis is a economics journal dedicated to the development of theory and methods in spatial economics, published by the RSA and the British and Irish Section of the Regional Science Association International.
Impact Factor: 0.818

Territory, Politics, Governance

Territory, Politics, Governance, published by the RSA, is committed to the development of theory and research in territorial politics and the governance of space. It is indexed in Thomson Reuters Emerging Sources Citation Index and Scopus.

Transport Reviews

The 5th ranked journal in the Transportation category in the 2015 Journal Citation Report, Transport Reviews is one of the leading review journals covering all aspects of transport. 
Impact Factor: 2.452

Urban Geography

Urban Geography publishes problem-oriented current research urban policy. It is featured in the top 20 Google Scholar rankings for Geography and Cartography.
Impact Factor: 1.322 

Water International

The official journal of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA), and founded in 1972, Water International serves as an international gateway to the people, ideas and networks that are critical to the sustainable management of water resources around the world.
Impact Factor: 1.040