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Global Security is an open access journal covering a wide range of topics related to transnational threats to humankind, with an emphasis on public health repercussions. It examines both the nature of such threats and the means to mitigate and prevent them, maintaining an even balance between rigorous scientific findings and thoughtful policy perspectives.

The scope is broad, and includes:

•    Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive threats (CBRNe) 
•    Cybersecurity, Crime, Warfare, and Terrorism 
•    Public Health (including disease pandemics, preparedness, food safety/security, medical countermeasures, and psychosocial implications) 
•    Climate, Energy, and Environmental Security 
•    Peace and Diplomacy Studies, Political and Economic Security 
•    Data Fusion and other Cutting Edge tools applied to study the interactions of these diverse issues and their influences on Global Security

Global Security welcomes contributions on this wide range of topics. The web site includes Instructions for Authors and additional information. Please submit papers through Global Security: Health, Science & Policy's ScholarOne manuscript submission site. Note that APCs (article processing charge) are being waived for the time being. Expressions of interest, and queries can be sent to the co-editors: Philip Wexler or Asish Mohapatra at the journal's email address:  

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