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Global Discourse

Global Discourse is an interdisciplinary, problem-oriented journal of applied contemporary thought operating at the intersection of politics, international relations, sociology and social policy. The journal’s scope is broad, encouraging interrogation of current affairs with regard to core questions of distributive justice, wellbeing, cultural diversity, autonomy, sovereignty, security and recognition. Rejecting the notion that publication is the final stage in the research process, Global Discourse seeks to foster discussion and debate between often artificially isolated disciplines and paradigms.

A central feature of our publishing model is the development of book review symposia, typically consisting of three reviews and a reply by the author/s. The symposia offer an opportunity for authors to engage substantively with their critics.

Our symposia have featured or will feature work by Noam Chomsky, Andrew Linklater and Cynthia Weber, Guy Standing, Mark Purcell, David Graeber, Michael Shapiro, Axel Honneth, Bruno Latour and Graham Harmann.

We now invite submissions by authors and publishers of exceptional contemporary monographs for inclusion in an annual special issue profiling the three finest contributions to the field over the course of each year. Submissions are invited from within each of the fields noted above. Those which intersect those fields are particularly encouraged. The selected books will feature in symposia containing up to five reviews of up to 2,000 words each and an author’s reply of up to 5,000 words.

Contributions will be assessed by five members of the editorial board according to criteria of originality, timeliness, potential for impact, cogency, coherence and style.

Selection will not only confer prestige and endorsement, but also ensure increased coverage, publicity and impact, with genuine engagement between reader and author, providing authors with a unique opportunity to respond to critics and clarify their thoughts.

Submissions for review are welcomed at any time. These will be reviewed upon receipt, with the three best submissions identified at the end of each calendar year. For further information or to submit review copies, please contact the Editor, Matthew Johnson, at:

Politics, Philosophy and Religion,
Lancaster University,
Email:; Tel: +44 1524 594254

Deadline: Open call. Successful submissions will be included in the June issue of the year following the publication of the books so as to give time to organise the symposia.

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