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Regional and Federal Studies

Regional & Federal Studies are privileged to have an acting and future Managing Editor with extensive backgrounds in international relations, comparative politics, regionalism and federalism. 

Wilfried Swenden

I have been involved with Regional & Federal Studies as Editor since 2008 and as Managing Editor since 2015. I am a political scientist based at the University of Edinburgh, working primarily on federal design and intergovernmental relations.

My interest in federalism and multi-level governance was sparked by my upbringing in Belgium at a time when the country went through an intensive regionalization and federalization process, yet also became increasingly integrated into a multi-level European framework.

My PhD which I completed at Oxford University in 2000 looked at the role which federal second chambers play in regional representation in two parliamentary federal states with strong bicameral systems: Germany and Australia.

Since moving up to Scotland in 2004, I developed a stronger interest in territorial management and its capacity to hold together plurinational states as well as the role of party competition therein.

More recently, I have developed a keen interest in federalism and territorial politics in South Asia, with a particular focus on India. Since 2015, I have co-directed the Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

I have published widely in a range of journals that span regional interests (West European Politics, India Review), territorial politics (Publius, Territory, Politics and Governance) and party politics (Party Politics). As Managing Editor of Regional & Federal Studies, I have sought to broaden the remit of the journal by encouraging submissions on territorial politics in emerging powers and developing countries. This drive to broaden the appeal of the journal has also been reflected in the renewal of the journal’s editorial and editorial advisory boards.


 Michaël Tatham

I have been involved with Regional & Federal Studies as Editor since 2012 and will become the Managing Editor in April 2018.

I am Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen, Norway where his work on territoriality, governance, public policy/administration, and EU politics benefit immensely from Stein Rokkan’s work at this same institution.

I am also Editor of a book series on Comparative Territorial Politics, Chair of the Council for European Studies research network on Territorial Politics and Federalism, Coordinator of the Bergen research group on Challenges in Advanced Democracies, and Director of the interdisciplinary BA programme in European Studies in Bergen.

As future Managing Editor, I will seek to continue Wilfried’s work in expanding the thematic and geographical scope of the journal and will welcome article submissions dealing with regional and federal dynamics on all continents of the world.


We are both passionate about our subject and enjoy fostering a thriving international academic community around regional and federal studies. We are always looking for new academics to join our global conversation and advance the studies of regionalism and federalism globally.

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