Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties Open Competition for the 2019 Special Issue of JEPOP: Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

Call for Proposals

Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

Applications are invited for the editorship of a special issue of Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties  (JEPOP) which will be published in December 2019 (Firstview as articles become available) under the general supervision of the current JEPOP editorial team and the associated editors. The JEPOP editorial team will manage the editorial tasks with the guidance of the guest editor(s) and reviewers and have discretion over any decisions made.  Pending budgetary approval, there will be funds available for a workshop to discuss drafts of the papers.

The proposal can cover any topic that fits the aim and scope of JEPOP. These are research areas covering elections, public opinion, participation and political parties. We are seeking a guest editor or team of guest editors dedicated to producing a high quality special issue that contributes to the aims of the journal and build on a reputation for high quality and innovative research on elections and public opinion.

Proposals should be for a total of 6 articles each of up to 8,000 words in length, including an editorial introduction. The special issue proposals should be concise: no longer than 2000 words. Proposals may come from practitioners as well as academics and are equally welcome from new or more established scholars. Proposals should include a clear account of the research theme, a schedule of work, the names of proposed or confirmed contributors, titles and abstracts (approx. 500 words each). Paper abstracts should include a brief description of the proposed research questions and data of each article.

Submission Instructions

The deadline for the submission of proposals to the JEPOP Editorial Office at the University of Exeter is 26 January 2018, email to Proposals will then be considered by a Selection Panel of the the JEPOP editors and associate editors. The successful team will be informed by mid-February 2018. For December 2019 publications, final manuscripts should be proof ready by mid-September 2019.

The decision of the Selection Panel is final. There is no appeal. Communication on the substance of any proposal with members of the panel will result in automatic exclusion from the competition.

Any further procedural enquiries may be addressed to: the Editorial Team at or to the Associate Editor Professor Sylvia Kritzinger ( 

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