Exclusive Editor's Choice Collection Economic and Political Studies

Economic and Political Studies

From all the articles that have been published in Economic and Political Studies (EPS), these articles below have been specially selected to be part of this 2017 Editor's Choice Collection and are dedicated to the most concerned political-economic topics on China. They are:

  • Anticorruption which has been carried out over past years since President Xi Jinping came into power
  • Environment problems which severely bother the vast majority of Chinese
  • Ageing and its implications for the future of China

In the three articles on corruption and anti-corruption, scholars draw on their social science expertise to examine this fundamental issue of political economy, considering anticorruption institutions and the relationship between corruption and economic growth.

The following three articles on China’s environment focus on environmental governance at both levels of central and local governments, as well as on the influence of social participation on governance. The related issues, such as the impact of oil import prices on the renewable energy sector and environment protection in China, are also examined.

In the last three papers the leading Chinese and overseas experts take both Chinese and/or international comparative perspectives to examine the profound implications of ageing on the human society by looking inside into the pension systems and ageing population.

All the papers featured in this exclusive collection provides rigorous and timely examination, which will help readers to better understand the latest discussion of China’s issues, the key challenges ahead, and themes for further scholarly investigation.

*Articles are only free to view via this page until the end of 2017.