Digital Heritage Article Collection

As technology evolves so does the need for heritage work to embrace the digital age, and so here at Routledge we have created a new free article collection tailored to research published on this topic in Routledge Museum, Heritage and Conservation journals. Want to find out more about digital heritage? Then simply click here to read an introduction by Museum Management and Curatorship’s Digital Heritage Editor, Paul Marty.

This collection covers topics such as digital curation; imaging techniques; museums outreach work through social media; multimedia visitor guides; the concept of intangible heritage, and much more.

Simply click on the article titles below and enjoy!

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International Journal of Heritage Studies

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Recoding the Museum Digital Heritage and the Technologies of Change

Ross Parry

Heritage and Social Media Understanding Heritage in a Participatory Culture

Elisa Giaccardi

The Routledge Companion to Museum Ethics Redefining Ethics for the Twenty-First Century Museum

Janet C. Marstine

Museum Communication and Social Media The Connected Museum

Kirsten Drotner and Kim Christian Schrøder

Museums in a Digital Age

Ross Parry

Museums and the Paradox of Change 3rd Edition

Robert R. Janes

Digital Heritage

Lindsay MacDonald