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Each year Critical Policy Studies offers the Herbert Gottweis Prize for the overall best article published in CPS in the previous year, and the CPS prize for an article by an early stage career researcher. The winning articles are chosen by a panel of members of the CPS Editorial Board.

In 2017, the CPS Prize for an article by an early stage career researcher was awarded to Erik Aarden of the University of Vienna, Austria, for ‘Constitutions of justice in genetic medicine: distributing diagnostics for familial hypercholesterolemia in three European countries’ in CPS 10.2. The Herbert Gottweis Prize for an article by an established scholar went to Ben Williamson of the University of Stirling, UK, for ‘Political computational thinking: policy networks, digital governance and “learning to code”’ in CPS 10.1.

The judges included Rosana Boullosa of the University of Brasilia, Brazil; Mara Sidney of Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA; and Holger Strassheim of Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. The judges had the following comments to make about 2017's winners: “Each of these papers stood out to the selection committee in terms of methodological innovation and advancing the field.”

Of the Herbert Gottweis Prize-winning article by Ben Williamson: “In his methodologically exceptional analysis Williamson offers new insights on how at the interfaces of network and digital governance governable citizens are educated.”

Of the ESCR Prize-winning article by Erik Aarden: “As it furthers the theoretical and empirical understanding of bioconstitutionalism, this outstanding paper uncovers the normative dimension of distributional justice behind different regimes of diagnostics.

The judges would also like to make an honorary mention of Tania Li's article “Governing rural Indonesia: convergence on the project system” (CPS 10, 1, 79-94), an innovative and highly relevant study for the Global South.

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