2019 Emerging Scholars & New Research in Southern Africa Journal of Southern African Studies

The Journal of Southern African Studies (JSAS, UK) will host a three-day Early Career Scholars’ Writing Workshop on 16-18 July 2019 at the National University of Lesotho, Roma Campus. Primarily, this Workshop is intended to benefit early-to-mid-career scholars working in the Universities of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, though a few places will be available for scholars from other parts of southern Africa.


The Workshop aims to provide an opportunity for early career scholars to interact with resource-persons drawn from among the editors of JSAS. It is intended as a platform for capacity development in the region. It seeks to contribute to the development of a cadre of scholars who will be actively involved in writing and publishing. It will use a one-on-one mentoring approach through which participants work on their papers guided by experienced JSAS editors.

After the workshop some mentors may continue to give advice to authors until the paper is ready for submission to JSAS. To that end, participants should bring research papers that focus on various topics pertinent to societies in countries of JSAS’s interest; namely, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Angola and Mozambique, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Mauritius.

The Workshop also aims to stimulate new thinking in African Studies and encourage writing in new research areas, using novel approaches to research and writing on African studies. See Emerging Scholars and New Research in Southern Africa  Workshop for more details.

The Organising Committee that will select papers and authors for mentoring during the Workshop is made up of leading scholars who are members of the JSAS Advisory Board based in the southern African region. They will seek original research and critical thinking. We want papers that show the value of empirical studies for broader societal issues. During the workshop, participants may also present their papers alongside established scholars from the JSAS Board, where papers will be critiqued in an egalitarian atmosphere that will promote new ways of understanding the problems and opportunities facing southern Africans today.

“The [mentoring sessions] were magical. I have covered more ground than…in a month when working alone.” - Workshop participant, Zambia


We envisage two types of participant at the Workshop:

A. Those who have prepared a paper for the Workshop for mentoring. They must submit the following: (1) a CV, and/or (2) first draft of their paper, and (3) a covering letter describing their goals for the workshop.

B. Those may want to attend sessions of the Workshop without such a paper. We will ask authorities at three Universities to establish criteria on the basis of which participants in this category will be chosen.

Places in category A will be limited to about 20 because of the number of mentors available, and places in B will be limited by number of participants Universities will be willing to fund in this category.

Applications should be sent between 1st October 2018 and 20th December 2018, the latter being the deadline for full drafts of the paper which will be revised at the workshop. (See below for further details.)

Please send applications to Lyn Schumaker at lynschumaker@yahoo.co.uk with a copy to tlohangletsie@gmail.com and motlatsithabane@gmail.com between 1st October and 20th December 2018.

Notification of acceptance will take place in December. Successful candidates in category A must send full papers at the latest by 20th December, 2018.

Those in category A should also let us know their intention to provide a paper when they send their application on 1st October.