Feminists on the Frontlines Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography

Gender, Place and Culture

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Feminists on the Frontlines comprise two panels that provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at part of the history and present-day experiences of feminist organizing in the discipline of geography. 

The first panel, “Lessons from the Past,” with discussants Cindi Katz, Audrey Kobayashi, Linda Peake, Pamela Moss, Valerie Preston, and Sue Ruddick, provides a collection of personal experiences of scholars who helped establish feminist geography within the discipline.

The second panel, “Forging the Future,” with Leslie Kern, Ranu Basu, Jennifer Fluri, Beverley Mullings, Tiffany Muller-Myrdahl, Rupal Oza, and Alison Mountz, begins where the first panel ends, reflecting on more recent years and contemporary issues.

The panelists had a mix of crossborder experience with training, work experience, and collaboration happening across North America and the UK. The focus on the historical trajectory of organizing within the discipline produced stories that draw our attention to the ways in which the spaces of and for feminist writings, activism, and teaching have grown and shifted.

Feminists on the Frontlines: Part One | Transcript

Feminists on the Frontlines: Part Two | Transcript