Advancing the Understanding and Treatment of Pain Canadian Journal of Pain: Revue canadienne de la douleur

Canadian Journal of Pain

The Canadian Journal of Pain will advance the understanding and treatment of pain by providing clinicians, scientists and other health care professionals with an interdisciplinary forum in which to share cutting-edge information about new developments in the field of pain.

Our focus includes the study of pain and extends to research covering the clinical and basic sciences, epidemiology, and health policy and health systems. The Canadian Journal of Pain, the official journal of The Canadian Pain Society, is a peer-reviewed, open access journal.

Your research will be freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world—increasing your article’s audience, citations and views. Your open access article is eight times more likely to be viewed than if published within a paywall subscription journal.

The Canadian Journal of Pain would like to reward authors who choose to publish their research freely and openly.

For Volume 2 in 2018, we are offering a 50% reduction on Article Publication Charges (APCs), meaning that your work will receive all the benefits of open access publication at half the charge. The 2018 APCs for accepted manuscripts are:

Article Type                               APC (in USD)

Non-CPS member long paper………$700

*CPS member long paper……………$450

Non-CPS member short paper…….$350

CPS member short paper……………$225

*CPS: Canadian Pain Society; Long paper: more than 5 typeset pages; Short paper: 5 or fewer typeset pages