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Lectures, Authors and Articles


FAILLA LECTURE: Adaciu Adaciu si fa Gran Viaggiu: With a heavy ion accelerator you can travel to mars

Francis A. Cucinotta, PhD

Professor,University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“The analysis of the densely populated patterns of radiation-induced foci by a stochastic, Monte Carlo model of DNA double-strand breaks induction by heavy ions”

“Stochastic properties of radiation-induced DSB: DSB distributions in large scale chromatin loops, the HPRT gene and within the visible volumes of DNA repair foci”

“Chromatin loops are responsible for higher counts of small DNA fragments induced by high-LET radiation, while chromosomal domains do not affect the fragment sizes”

“Induction and quantification of γ-H2AX foci following low and high LET-irradiation”


PLENARY LECTURE: Cancer etiology and its mutational signatures

Cristian Tomasetti, PhD

Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

“Stochastic Modelling of Multiple Random Genetic Mutations Under the Cancer Stem Cell Hypothesis”


PLENARY LECTURE: Radiation and immunotherapy

Sandra Demaria, MD

Professor, Radiation Oncology and Pathology, Weill Cornell Medicine Medical College

“Sensors of ionizing radiation effects on the immunological microenvironment of cancer”


PLENARY LECTURE: Biologically motivated treatment planning in proton therapy

Harald Paganetti, PhD

Director of Physics Research, Professor Massachusetts General Hospital

“Relating the proton relative biological effectiveness to tumor control and normal tissue complication probabilities assuming interpatient variability in α/β”


Amrita Cheema, PhD

Professor, Oncology and Biochemistry, Georgetown University Medical Center

“Radiation metabolomics and its potential in biodosimetry”

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