Network: Computation in Neural Systems – New Editor-in-Chief Announcement Network: Computation in Neural Systems

Network is pleased to announce that Dr Simon Stringer, from Oxford University will be the new Editor-in-Chief for the journal from 2018. Dr Stringer has been a research mathematician at Oxford University for about 25 years. He has worked across a range of different areas of applied mathematics such as control systems, computational aerodynamics and epidemiology. For the last decade, he has led the Oxford Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence The centre houses a team of theoreticians who are modelling various aspects of brain function, including vision, navigation, behaviour, audition and speech recognition. The long term aim of the centre is to develop integrated models of the brain that display the rudiments of artificial consciousness.

Dr Stringer is keen to see Network develop in 2018 and has already introduced the new revised scope for the journal.

Revised Scope

Neural network computer modelling of all aspects of brain function. 

Analysis of experimentally recorded neural & synaptic dynamics underpinning brain function.

Neural & synaptic mechanisms and emergent network dynamics underpinning psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Experimental and theoretical investigations into the neurobiological basis of consciousness.

Applications of biologically-inspired neural networks in artificial intelligence.

Neural network approaches to artificial general intelligence and machine consciousness.

Please join Taylor & Francis in welcoming Dr Stringer to the journal.

Dr Stringer is keen to hear from any researchers interested in submitting to the journal or who may be interested in participating on the journal editorial board. 

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