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Did you know that Taylor & Francis’ medical portfolio covers the full pharmaceutical research and development pipeline, and 30 areas of clinical medicine?

This can provide you with all the latest research to help inform your sales and marketing campaigns.

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We’re offering the following discounts on our commercial services on orders made in June and July:

  • 10% off advertising orders
  • 10% off six months sponsored focus orders for customers who purchase 500 reprints
  • 10% off ePrint reporting services

Studies published in scientific journals are an important resource for health care professionals allowing them to access clinical information, informing and influencing their decisions.

Sharing this research with your customers in print and electronic formats can help increase your engagement with your target audience.

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Reprints and ePrints: Print and electronic copies of articles covering your therapy area to use in sales visits, marketing campaigns, and at events. Influence clinicians around the world with content they can trust. Optional ePrint reporting allows you to see who has accessed your reprint to inform your sales calls.

Sponsored Focus: Allows you to make an article free to access online for a fixed period, providing clinicians across the world the information they need to inform their treatment decisions.

Advertising: Position your brand alongside highly authoritative peer-reviewed journals renowned for our strong publishing and ethical integrity. By partnering with our expertise in the field, you’ll engage readers at the forefront of their field, key opinion leaders and decision makers.

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