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Europe-Asia Studies

The study of Central Eurasia has been a scholarly concern that remained central to the editorial remit of Soviet Studies/Europe-Asia Studies throughout the journal’s history. From Nancy Lubin’s seminal work on Women in Central Asia (1981) to the cutting-edge collection of essays on Symbolism and Power in Central Asia, edited by Sally Cummings in 2009, our journal has always looked with interest to the key politico-socio-economic developments occurring in Central Eurasia. Our authors helped highlight the main trends that defined the region in Soviet times, and discussed with analytical flair and scholarly rigour the key dynamics that intervened to shape Central Eurasia’s social and political configuration once the USSR had collapsed.

Central Eurasia is a region to which the editors and editorial board of Europe-Asia Studies are looking with great attention, aiming to continue the tradition of outstanding research on Central Eurasian Studies that has featured on the pages of our journal since 1949.

The Europe-Asia Studies editorial team is happy to make available, to CESS delegates and for a limited amount of time, a selection of the most exciting research on Central Eurasia recently published on our journal.