Mastering metrics: a Taylor & Francis guide

In the world of research, it’s impossible to avoid the multitude of scholarly metrics that are out there. Not sure you’re taking note of the right metric, or even understand what it means? Confused about how metrics apply across different subject areas; across journals and articles; and how they can be used by researchers, journal editors, or librarians? Use our variety of resources to master those metrics.

Guidance and support

For researchers: Metrics can help you to choose which journal to submit your work to, and assess the ongoing impact of an individual piece of research (including your own). 

For journal editors: Metrics can help you assess your journal’s standing in the community, raise your journal’s profile, and potentially attract quality submissions.  

For librarians: Metrics can help you to select journals for your institution, and analyze their usage and impact. They can also help you assess the impact of research published by those in your institution. 

Article metrics: what do they mean, and why are they important to researchers?

Researchers, funders, and institutions are increasingly interested in the impact of their work. Article metrics help authors to assess this by enabling you to gain a better understanding of the reach of your published research and the attention it is receiving.