Taylor & Francis Open Journals

When you choose to publish in a Taylor & Francis Open journal you will be disseminating your research in a journal from a well-established publisher, supported by an active community focused on research which is in tune with yours. Our Open journals are specialist journals, with every title having well-defined aims and scope, subject-specific marketing and an active and engaged readership. On publication your article will be included in many data discovery tools, increasing its visibility. Using article level metrics, you'll be able to track the usage of your research and use your own networks to turn usage into citations, impact into scientific authority.

How do I get the EIFL discount?

  1. You, the corresponding author, must be based in one of the eligible countries.
  2. Select the most appropriate Taylor & Francis Open journal for your research area from the list below.
  3. Investigate what financial support is available from your funder or institution – many will cover the costs of open access publication.
  4. Once selected, submit through the journal's online submission system in the usual way, following the relevant journal’s Instructions for Authors (on the journal page on Taylor & Francis Online). To ensure you receive your EIFL discount or waiver please request this when prompted.
  5. Your paper will go through peer review as normal. Our open access team will ensure the appropriate discount or waiver is applied.

Medical & Health Science