Cogent OA

Why Cogent OA?

  • Cogent OA is part of Taylor & Francis, which means that you will benefit from more than 200 years of experience in international academic publishing 
  • All journals in the Cogent Series publish peer-reviewed research in a wide range of multidisciplinary topics.
  • Our editorial specialists evaluate journal submissions constructively, helping you improve your manuscript.
  • You can track your article shares and citations using a simple article level metrics tool, helping you communicate just where and how your article has been viewed.  
  • Cogent OA has a quick and easy submission process with rapid decision and publication. 

How do I get the EIFL discount?

  1. You, the corresponding author, must be based in one of the eligible countries.
  2. Select the most appropriate Cogent OA journal for your research area.
  3. Investigate what financial support is available from your funder or institution – many will cover the costs of open access publication.
  4. Submit your manuscript through the journal’s online submission system, before 15th October 2016, following the Instructions for Authors.
  5. To receive your EIFL discount of $1000 please choose ‘other’ and enter $250 when prompted during submission.

Your paper will go through peer review and our open access team will ensure the appropriate discount is applied if your manuscript is accepted.

What are the benefits of open access (OA)?

Watch the video and find out more about how open access can improve the impact of your work.