Worshipful Company of Founders Best Paper Prize International Journal of Cast Metals Research

International Journal of Cast Metals Research

In 2012, a biennial prize was established by the Worshipful Company of Founders for the best paper published in the International Journal of Cast Metals Research. The prize was established to reinforce, and demonstrate internationally, the Worshipful Company of Founders' commitment to scientific and technical research and the application of this research for the benefit of industry and society in general. It is a prize awarded for a paper that makes an outstanding contribution to the assured production of high integrity castings.

The Worshipful Company of Founders are pleased to announce the 2017 prize winner for the best paper published in the journal between 2015 - 2016. Enjoy free access to the winning article until the end of March 2018. 

This article is a continuation of the studies on the solidification of free graphite cast irons carried out by researchers of the Metallurgy Division of INTEMA that started several years ago. In this study, the authors applied the DAAS (Direct Austempering After Solidification) technique developed previously to examine the solidification macrostructure of SGI, together with specific colour metallography techniques, to examine the solidification structure of CGI. The authors are honoured to win this prize, which is considered a recognition of long lasting research efforts and which encourages the continuation of studies in the field. The Worshipful Company of Founders is gratefully acknowledged. - 2017 prize winners

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