New Partnership for 2018 Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research

Taylor & Francis and the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) at the University of Colorado, are pleased to announce their new partnership from 2018.

Taylor & Francis will publish Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, An Interdisciplinary Journal on behalf of INSTAAR. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (AAAR) is now an Open Access, online-only journal. The mission is to advance understanding of cold region environments by publishing original scientific research from past, present and future high-latitude and mountain regions. Rapid environmental change occurring in cold regions today highlights the global importance of this research.

INSTAAR develops scientific knowledge of physical and biogeochemical environmental processes at local, regional, and global scales and applies this knowledge to improve society’s awareness and understanding of natural and anthropogenic environmental change.