Journal of Natural History Special Issue: Integrative Taxonomy of Squamate Reptiles Journal of Natural History

We are excited to present this Special Issue from Journal of Natural History on Integrative Taxonomy of Squamate Reptiles.

Jeffrey Streicher – Associate Editor, Journal of Natural History:
“Given an increasing prevalence in our academic communities and the ongoing controversy surrounding the definition and novelty of integrative taxonomy, we were motivated to put together this special issue. Our goal was not to provide a conclusive overview of integrative taxonomy, but rather to bring together a sample of professional taxonomists and allow them to demonstrate integrative taxonomy though the lens of their research. We are delighted with the diversity of papers and perspectives present in this issue – a representative snapshot of integrative taxonomic practices at the onset of 2018.”

The Special Issue will be free to access until the end of June 2018, read the articles here.