Best Map of 2015 Journal of Maps

The award for the 2015 “Best Map” goes to Vít Pászto, Alžběta Brychtová, Pavel Tuček, Lukáš Marek and Jaroslav Burian (Palacký University, Czech Republic) for their visualisation of municipalities in the Czech Republic. The article is titled: Using a fuzzy inference system to delimit rural and urban municipalities in the Czech republic in 2010.

Due to the suburbanisation process, it is becoming more difficult to properly define rural and urban areas in the Czech Republic. This paper and map focus on the delimitation of rural and urban municipalities in the Czech Republic, providing a very unique combination of geographical information science, cartography and modern geo-computational methods. The aim of the map is to visualise, in an illustrative way, what the fuzzy degree of membership was for each municipality in the Czech Republic. The dominant feature of the map sheet is the main map (at scale of 1:500,000), which identifies the fuzzy membership degree of the municipalities. Seven secondary maps (each at scale of 1:2,500,000) depict the fuzzy membership of municipalities by individual indicators.