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Biodiversity is the crucial element for the continuing health of all ecosystems

The complex interactions of plant and animal species leads to interdependencies. The change of one variable can lead to significant changes in the environment.

Your study of biodiversity is therefore crucial in our quest to conserve species in their environment.

Systematics & Biodiversity is devoted to whole organism biology especially in relation to the nature, origins, and conservation of biodiversity.1

With an impact factor of 2.127,2 Systematics & Biodiversity is influential, widely read and well cited. By choosing to publish in the journal, your work will be easily found and recognized as being important.

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Many others have chosen Systematics & Biodiversity for their work.

Some examples (free to access) include:

Predicting the biodiversity response to climate change: challenges and advances

Christopher J Ellis, Systematics and Biodiversity, 9, 307-317

Mapping the biosphere: exploring species to understand the origin, organization and sustainability of biodiversity

Q. D. Wheeler, E.O Wilson, JB Wolley Arizona State University , Tempe , AZ , 85282 , USA et al., Systematics and Biodiversity, 10, 1-20

Molecular taxonomy reveals broad trans-oceanic distributions and high species diversity of deep-sea clams (Bivalvia: Vesicomyidae: Pliocardiinae) in chemosynthetic environments.

Asta Audzijonyte , Elena M. Krylova , Heiko Sahling & Robert C. Vrijenhoek, Systematics and Biodiversity, 10, 403-415

Biogeographic patterns, origin and speciation of the endemic birds from eastern Brazilian mountaintops: a review.

Anderson V. Chaves, Guilherme H. S. Freitas, Marcelo F. Vasconcelos & Fabrício R. Santos Systematics and Biodiversity, 13, 1-16

Plant communities and environmental factors in the Guayana Highlands: monitoring for conservation under future climate change.

Elisabet Safont, Teresa Vegas-vilarrúbia, Valentí Rull, Bruce K. Holst, Otto Huber, Shingo Nozawa, Yuribia Vivas, Xavier Font & Argelia Silva, Systematics and Biodiversity, 14, 327-344

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  1. Their work was likely to be widely read and cited – Impact Factor 2.1412
  2. Reassurance on the novelty and importance of their work thanks to robust peer review3
  3. Easy sharing: 50 free eprints each for them and their co-authors upon publication4
  4. Their work was easily found via Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, Cab Abstracts5
  5. Track your citations and downloads using My Authored Works3

You can gain influence like them by sending your work to Systematics & Biodiversity.

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1Systematics and Biodiversity documents the diversity of organisms in all natural phyla, through taxonomic papers that have a broad context (not single species descriptions). It particularly emphasises the importance and multi-disciplinary significance of systematics especially in relation to the nature, origins, and conservation of biodiversity, at all taxonomic levels. For a full description see:

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3 All papers received are peer reviewed using a single-blinded process for scientific novelty and methodology

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