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Improve the IMPACT of your research with Open Access!

In today’s research environment, with more and more papers being published every day, it is difficult for academics to get their results seen and cited.

Taylor & Francis are experts in disseminating top-quality research to the widest possible audience, making sure it is read and cited.

If you are interested in improving and extending the impact of your papers, then we want to hear from you.

Your first choice in maximising your paper's impact is choosing the right journal. Do you want to publish in a Pure Open Access journal, or within one of our hybrid Open Select journals? Browse our Mathematics & Statistics portfolio to find the ideal journal for your research.

Pure Open Access Journals

Journal of Biological Dynamics

Letters in Biomathematics

Hybrid Journals

Most Taylor & Francis journals now publish Open Access papers alongside regular papers. These are known as hybrid or Open Select journals.

Browse Open Access papers published in our Mathematics & Statistics journals.

Benefits of Open Access

There are many benefits to Open Access publication:

  • rapid online publication
  • immediate, universal access to your article upon publication
  • greater readership and citation potential
  • access download and citation statistics
  • high visibility and discoverability
  • you retain full copyright of your article

It is likely that your research funder, sponsor, or host institution has funding available for Open Access publication fees. The fee is paid via invoicing and will take place after acceptance of the article, following peer review.

How Your University Can Support You

Are you finding it difficult to source the funds to publish your work Open Access? Taylor & Francis has the solution. We have a membership programme in place which allows universities across the globe to partner with us, helping to reduce the APC (Article Publishing Charge) on Open Access papers for their researchers. Our prepayment and partnership programmes both offer a discount on the APC and reduce the administrative burden for both you and your librarian.

If you and your colleagues would benefit from reduced APCs then email this page to your librarian today and ask them to get in touch with our dedicated team for a personalised solution for your university. Find out more.

More Information

Read a selection of Open Access papers already published in our journals here, or visit our dedicated Open Access page for further information, resources and video guides.