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Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences

The editor of Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences is pleased to present the following special issue on 'Multi-level climate governance and the role of the subnational level'. FREE access is available to all articles featured in this special issue until the 31st March, 2016. 

The special issue guest editors Kirsten Jörgensen, Anu Jogesh and Arabinda Mishra have also written the following short introduction:

The special issue brings together experts and scholars from India and the European Union to examine how climate and renewable energy policies are framed at the subnational level through a compilation of five case studies from India, Germany and Belgium. The papers highlight the inter-play between institutions, and governance structures that shape how subnational action is framed and implemented in three countries. It is also a study in contrasting multi-level structures, processes, and outcomes in India and the European Union.

We sincerely hope that you find this special issue to be interesting, helpful and informative.

Best wishes,

Kirsten Jörgensen, Anu Jogesh and Arabinda Mishra

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