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Editor’s Choice articles from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH) are available free-of-charge until 30th November 2018. The JOEH publishes papers to communicate ideas, methods, processes, and research on both core and emerging areas of occupational and environmental hygiene. 

This quarter, we have selected articles that examine health and safety in agriculture. The third week of every September is National Farm Safety and Health week, an effort to bring attention to hazards on the farm and provide a forum to promote health and safety. In 2018, efforts will focus on increasing awareness of rural roadway hazards, preventing hazardous exposures and engulfment in confined spaces, and discussions of mental health/opioid abuse in rural farming communities.

Here at the JOEH, we have a history of evaluating agricultural hazards that can contribute to this discussion. The biggest barrier to healthy farming involves low recognition of acute and chronic health hazards. Occupational hygienists have the skills to bridge this knowledge gap with this often-underserved industry, with many opportunities to reach out to local farmers to share what we know about hazards and controls. 

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