Improvement and Applications of Heuristic Algorithms in Practical Engineering Management Problems International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management

Many optimization and decision making problems in Engineering Management are complex and nonlinear, can be challenging to be solved using traditional methods. In many cases, metaheurisitc algorithms can be an effective alternative in engineering applications. The most popular algorithms are Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm, Tabu Algorithm etc.

In the background of big data and artificial intelligence era, the metaheurisitc algorithms are in significantly greater need. The proposed algorithms need to be improved in terms of efficiency and fitting specific problems. More new algorithms are also being proposed.

In this thematic collection, you will see the successful improvement and applications of heuristic algorithms in practical Engineering Management problems, such as design and network engineering problems, economic dispatch problems, the weighted set cover problems, land layout optimization of cities, and optimal power flow design problems. Some progress of proposing new hybrid matheuristic optimization algorithms, and improvements of frequently-used algorithms can also be found in this thematic collection.

All articles are available to view and access until 31 December 2019.