Inhalation Toxicology Would you like to be the Editor-in-Chief of Inhalation Toxicology?

Inhalation Toxicology

Inhalation Toxicology is a key forum for the latest accomplishments and advancements in concepts, approaches, and procedures presently being used to evaluate the health risk associated with airborne agents or inhalable pharmacologics. We are looking for a new Editor-in-Chief with an academic background in inhalation and respiratory tract toxicology, as well as the passion to drive the journal forward. It is a significant role, with high profile, but one that is achievable within a continuing busy working timetable.

The successful candidate will be responsible for editorial oversight and decision-making on submissions. She or he will have authority to accept articles following successful peer review, and will ensure that reviewers and authors adhere to the Journal’s Code of Publishing Ethics. There will be an agreed handover period with the out-going Editor-in-Chief to ensure seamless transition.

Taylor & Francis will provide remuneration for the role to cover any journal-related expenses. Taylor & Francis will also help organise regular board meetings, and we will supply annual reports reflecting on the performance of the Journal, as well as ongoing support in developing the Journal. Inhalation Toxicology utilises an online editorial office system to handle submissions and peer review.

Becoming the editor of a journal is a rewarding and fulfilling experience where you will build your own networks, promote the research that you are passionate about, and be recognized as a leading figure within the academic community.

Interested in applying? Here are the skills and attributes we would be looking for in a successful applicant:

  • Someone who is active in the community with strong personal networks
  • Confidence to engage with authors and researchers to solicit the highest quality submissions
  • Strong organizational skills to ensure that submissions are handled in a timely manner
  • The ability to foster positive working relationships with colleagues such as Associate Editors

The role will formally begin from January 1st 2019, although we are open to exploring transition arrangements starting sooner.

Submitting your Application

If you would like to apply for the position of Editor-in-Chief, please forward your CV, a covering letter and a vision statement to Charles Whalley, Managing Editor ( Your vision statement should be no longer than two pages and should cover:

  • Where you believe the field is going, and the journal’s place within it
  • How you would work in partnership with the editorial board
  • How you would maintain and increase the quality of submissions
  • How you would work with authors

The deadline for applications is 31st July 2018.