Virtual Special Issue: Forensic Toxicology Forensic Sciences Research

Forensic Sciences Research (FSR) is pleased to present their virtual special issue on: Forensic Toxicology.

This set of articles selected from recent issues of FSR introduces the application of forensic toxicology and allows readers to appreciate the charm of interdisciplinary sciences in the field of forensic science.

These studies bring us:

  • Analysis and detection results of the most common drugs including methamphetamine, ketamine, opioids, cannabinoids, etc., under different conditions by different techniques
  • ​Guidelines for biological sample collection and evidence storage
  • New frontiers and findings of postmortem redistribution
  • Public and ecological health issue: how to protect more people (especially children) from poisoning accidents?

We hope this selection of articles will help readers better appreciate the research in this field and obtain new ideas for scientific research.

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