colwiz Interactive PDF Reader — Now Available on Taylor & Francis Online

What is the colwiz Interactive PDF reader?

The colwiz Interactive PDF Reader allows you to annotate PDF documents while you are reading them on Taylor & Francis Online. Using the interactive tools you can highlight text, write notes and draw directly on articles — just as you could with a printed copy!

How do I use it?

Click the ‘View & Annotate PDF’ button on the article page on Taylor & Francis online to open the Interactive PDF Reader. Once the article is open, you can begin editing the PDF using the drawing, writing and colour-highlighting tools provided in the top left corner of the page.

Can I save my edited PDF?

Of course – click on the ‘Save to colwiz Library’ button to add the PDF to your personal library. If you don’t already have a colwiz account, you’ll be asked to follow the short registration process to set one up. Once registered, you can view the annotated article in your library, share it with colleagues and cite it in your own publications.

Which journals are included?

After a successful initial trial period of colwiz across 40 of our journals, we have now rolled out this service to encompass all of Taylor & Francis' journal titles.

Can I try it out?

Of course. You can try colwiz on any Open Access article, or on any subscription journal that you have access to.

(Don't forget, you can also recommend any of our subscription journals to your librarian by clicking the link on the journal homepage.)

What else do I get with a colwiz account?

Your colwiz account has lots of additional benefits. These include:

Writing and citing

The colwiz reference manager comes with a free plugin which enables you to automatically insert citations and create bibliographies from the publications in your library. You can choose from over 6,500 citation styles and write in any word processor. View our step-by-step guide to using the colwiz reference manager here.

Your profile

When you sign up to colwiz you will be prompted to create your research profile. Other colwiz users are able to find your profile and view its contents which include a brief research biography, your research interests, publications that you have authored or co-authored and contact details (if you wish to share them). Find out more about research profiles here.


colwiz provides a virtual platform for existing research groups and enables you to create new private, public or hidden groups. Group members share a common reference library and can communicate via messages and through a dedicated activity stream. They also benefit from a group drive to share and save data. To view and create groups, navigate towards ‘Groups’ in the left toolbar of your colwiz homepage.


colwiz provides an unrivalled amount of free storage to its individual and group users so that they can safely share and back up data relevant to their research. To view and add to your drive’s contents, simply click on the ‘Drive’ button on the left side of your colwiz interface.

What are the experts saying?

“Over the last ten years my own research in the field of computational biology has become increasingly interdisciplinary, and I now work with a large number of colleagues not only from different departments in Oxford but from different Institutions around the world. I hadn’t found software that enabled me to manage the entire research process – from concept through collaborative execution to published results – within a single platform and neither had my colleagues. colwiz is the first platform to address these research needs, and will significantly simplify research activities across the board – from individual students and researchers in universities to corporate R&D departments.”
Professor David Gavaghan, Chief Scientist, colwiz

“Taylor & Francis is delighted to implement the colwiz interactive PDF reader on Our aim is to support readers and researchers by enhancing the reading and annotation functionality of PDFs, providing reference management tools, and aiding effective collaboration.”
Genevieve Early, E-Products Director, Taylor & Francis Group

“colwiz is thrilled to launch its innovative HTML5 PDF Reader in association with forward-looking publishers of academic journals. In combination with our existing platforms, these position colwiz as the world’s leading independent provider of innovative publishing solutions.”
Professor Sir Michael Brady FRS, Chairman, colwiz

Browser support

We recommend Google Chrome when using the colwiz Interactive PDF Reader, however, it is also supported by Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11.

Where can I find out more information about colwiz?

Please visit to sign up to use colwiz and read our specialised help pages to learn more about the colwiz features.

You can also find out more about exactly how the Interactive PDF Reader works by visiting colwiz's handy guide.