Georg Gartner Journal of Location Based Services

Tell us about Location Based Services and your vision for the Journal?

Imagine it’s 2025. Information is available anytime and anywhere. In its provision and delivery it is tailored to the user's context and needs. In this the location is a key selector for which and how information is provided. Location based Services (LBS) are thus widespread and of daily-use in a truly ubiquitous manner. People would feel spatially blind without using their LBS, which enables them to see who or what is near them, receive support, conduct searches based on their current location, as well as collect timely and accurate onsite data.

Mobile technologies have demonstrated their huge potential and have changed how we work, how we live and how we interact. This vision is a key driver for many researchers who now work towards fully integrating wireless communication and positioning technologies with geographic information and mapping systems to create services known as location-based services (LBS).

The Journal of Location Based Services aims to be the premiere outlet for all of these fascinating and interdisciplinary research activities. I consider my role as Editor-in-Chief to be a privilege and an opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a innovative scientific domain.

I have arrived at this point through my background as a cartographer. As Professor for Cartography at Vienna University of Technology my research interest is on efficient communication of spatial information. I am often using the scenario of navigation systems to test ideas, methods and algorithms. However, when trying to make navigtion systems better you need to understand several influencing issues, all of them leading into the framework which today we call Location-Based Services.

As LBS is gaining more and more prominence I expect the domain to grow and thus my aim is to see the Journal of Location-Based Services play a key role in advancing the discipline by faciliting the dissemination of novel research.