Deafness & Education International Expression of Interest - Executive Editors

Deafness & Education International

The Senior Editors of Deafness and Education International are seeking applicants for Executive Editors. The role of the Executive Editors includes strategic advice to the Senior Editors; support for and recruitment of Associate Review Editors; reviewing a minimum of two manuscripts and/or books annually; serving as an adjudicator/third reviewer as necessary; and attending an online biannual editorial meeting. We are seeking 5 Executive Editors, one for each of the following regions: Caribbean and Oceania; EU & Middle East; North and South America; Africa; and Asia. 

Interested academics and practitioners are invited to apply for an Executive Editor position via this expression of interest process. Appointment of Executive Editors will be made by the Senior Editors. The Executive Editors will hold a three-year term. Executive Editor membership will be printed in each edition of the journal. We are seeking Executive Editors with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge of the education of children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing in geographical regions. We expect that the Executive Editors will have an extensive network of contacts in the sector to assist in the recruitment of reliable Associate Review Editors.

Application Instructions

If you are interested in applying for an Executive Editor position, please email the editors a document no longer than three pages with your name and contact details addressing these eight criteria:

1. Qualifications
2. Editorial experience
3. Peer-review experience
4. Ability to access an extensive peer-reviewed journal database
5. Ability to provide strategic advice to Senior Editors
6. Ability to recruit and work alongside Associate Review Editors
7. Ability to review a minimum of two manuscripts and or books per year
8. Ability and willingness to attend online biannual editorial meetings.

While the focus of the journal is on deaf education, we are seeking a diversity of Editorial Board expertise including, but not limited to education, applied linguistics, psychology, social work, speech language pathology, audiology, and deaf studies. We strongly encourage people with lived experience of deafness to apply for an Executive Editor position.

This Expression of Interest has been extended to 30 November 2018. Please email your applications to the Senior Editors as listed below.

Jill Duncan, Australian Editor, Deafness & Education International

Rachel O’Neill, U.K. Editor, Deafness & Education International