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Have you considered publishing your research gold open access in our Education journals?

When you publish gold open access, the final published version of your article (or Version of Record) is permanently and freely available online for anyone, anywhere to read. 

We offer you a range of gold open access publishing options to suit your needs, including:

Six fully open access journals: publishing only open access research, all papers accepted into these journals are made free to access online

Over 100 Open Select (hybrid) Education journals:  These journals give you the opportunity to publish your paper gold open access in a subscription-based journal. As such, you experience all the benefits of publishing open access, while still publishing in your favourite journal. 

Cogent Education: As one of the leading multidisciplinary open access education research titles, this mega journal offers ‘Freedom Article Publishing Charges', allowing you to pay what you can afford. 

How will publishing open access benefit you?

Increased readership: Open access articles are available, anywhere, for free, enabling you to reach a far greater audience and significantly increase your readership. We have, on average, eight times more readers for open access articles than for traditionally published articles.

Impact beyond your field: As your research is freely available, it will be accessible to those outside of academia, including international, central and local governments, voluntary organizations and field work agencies. It could even be picked up by the media!

Choose from a suite of Creative Commons Licenses: You choose how others use and build upon your work. You can also share your final published article any way you want: you can talk about it on social media, include it on academic networking sites and send it to your colleagues in the field.

What are your open access funding options?

When publishing gold open access, you will often need to pay an Article Publishing Charge (APC). However, there are numerous funding options available for authors to help with APCs. There are two main sources of funding for APCs:

You could also be entitled to a discount or waiver on APCs if you are based in an emerging region.
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Want more? Explore our portfolio of fully open access journals below: 

Education Inquiry

Education Inquiry

Education Inquiry publishes articles that present and debate contemporary education research and policy, changes in teaching and learning across all sectors of education, the nature and processes of education and training. The journal is published in cooperation with Umeå School of Education, Umeå University. 

There is no APC charge to publish in Education Inquiry as it is fully supported by a grant from Umeå University.

Higher Education Pedagogies

Higher Education Pedagogies

Higher Education Pedagogies aims to identify, promote and publish excellence and innovations in the practice and theory of teaching and learning in and across all disciplines in higher education.The journal is a valuable resource for individuals in the development and enhancement of their own practice, and for institutions in the promotion of the scholarship of teaching and learning. Higher Education Pedagogies is sponsored by the Higher Education Academy.

International Journal of Adolescence and Youth

International Journal of Adolescence and Youth

International Journal of Adolescence and Youth provides analysis of problems and policies related to adolescents and youth ranging from health and medical care to social policy and employment. It will be of interest to institutions and government at all levels. The journal is indexed in Scopus, PsycINFO, and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy

Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy

NordSTEP investigates the relationships between educational policy, practice and research in a variety of academic settings. It explores traditional and contemporary ideas, issues, trends, and problems in education, particularly those relating to educational policy, curriculum and teaching throughout an individuals' preschool to higher education. 

NordSTEP is ranked by both the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) and Finnish Publication Forum. It is also indexed in DOAJ and Google Scholar.

Research In Middle Level Education

Research in Middle Level Education Online (RMLE Online) is published by the Association for Middle Level Education. It encloses quantitative and qualitative studies, case studies, action research studies, integrative reviews, and interpretations of research literature. The journal is endorsed by Middle Level Education Research (MLER) and the Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). 

RMLE Online can be found across a variety of indexing and abstracting platforms including EBSCOhost and RIC (Education Resources Information Center)​.

Cogent Education

Cogent Education

Cogent Education is the leading open access journal in education research with a multidisciplinary outlook that enables the transfer of research across different disciplines. Cogent Education provides a platform for collaborative opportunities and discoveries across various research areas allowing your research to be visible to a wider audience with a chance to influence future developments and policies.