Higher Education Research & Development Instructions for Special Issues

Higher Education Research & Development

Special Issues are a collection of articles in a single issue focused on a shared topic or theme relevant to the international HERD audience and published once a year. The value of HERD special issues is manifold:

  • Enables convergence of works that expand a popular, but fragmented topic or begins a scholarly conversation about an emerging but under-explored topic,
  • Draws together various works into single issues that feature diverse and critical perspectives on the topic becoming a key ongoing source for current and future scholars,
  • Involves expert guest editors in a given area or topic.

Proposing a HERD Special Issue: Selection criteria

The HERD Editorial Team facilitates an open call for Special Issue Guest Editors through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process and makes the final selection of a Guest Editor based on the following five criteria:

  1. Capable editor able to deliver high quality issue (ideally familiar with the Scholar One system)
  2. Relevant, thought-provoking topic with international appeal to diverse HERD readership
  3. Relevant, thought-provoking topic that opens up new area of inquiry or meaningfully extends an existing topic
  4. Relevant, thought-provoking topic that will further collective knowledge of HERD readers

Read more about the role and responsibilities of a Guest Editor here.

Expression of Interest (EOI) and Publication Timeline Instructions

Calls of EOI for the 2019 Special Issue are as follows:

Open call for EOI online: June 2017
EOI Due date: 4 September 2017
HERD Editorial Team makes selection: 18 September 2017

See the full EOI to Publication timeline for 2019 issue here.

Calls of EOI for 2020 Special Issue will be opened mid-2018


Submitting EOI for Special Issue:

Potential Guest Editors who believe they can meet the above five criteria should submit a concise EOI using the following six headings:

  1. Title of Special Issue (no more than 10 words)
  2. Call for Papers: Description of Special Issue (no more than 300 words)
    [(e.g., an outline of the issue, topic or problem to be addressed (what); its significance and what it will contribute to the field (so what); how the Special Issue will bring critical and fresh insights to the issue/ the scope and approach taken (how)]
  3. Name of Guest Editor* with 200 word Bio
  4. Rationale for experience of Guest Editor (response to Criterion 1 above; 200 words max)
  5. Rationale for proposed topic along with evidence topic has not been focus of HERD or another higher education journal special issue (response to criteria 2-4 above; 300 words max)
  6. Outline of plan for Guest Editor capacity to (i) meet timeline for issue and (ii) effectively promote issue to attract quality papers and disseminate issue post-publication (response to criterion 5 above; 200 words max

*Where more than 1 Guest Editor: provide Bios for all proposed, with a rationale for the need for more than one editor.

Potential Guest Editors are invited to discuss ideas with HERD Editors.  An EOI can be submitted at anytime before the deadline. Please send EOI as PDF to the Editor's emails below:

Editorial information