Education Arena Expert Panel 2014

Read the work of our Expert Panel, selected experts in their fields of Education, and find out about their research and recommended further reading in the field. These articles are all free to access online until 31st December, 2014.

Gifted Education Expert, Don Ambrose

While my home base is gifted education, I engage in broad, interdisciplinary excursions looking for theories and research findings that can modify, challenge, and enliven our conceptions of creative intelligence (giftedness, talent,…

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Education Research Expert, Gary McCulloch

I am pleased to introduce this collection of articles, which reflect my own area of academic expertise and the way that it has developed, for myself and more generally, over recent years. As a historian of education, I have published many…

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Philosophy of Education Expert, Michael A. Peters

I completed my PhD on Wittgenstein in 1984. Ever since I have been working through the consequences of his thought for educational theory and practice. Ludwig Wittgenstein is considered by many to be one of the most important philosophers of…

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Higher Education Expert, Manja Klemenčič

We are experiencing higher education reforms in Europe of unprecedented speed and extent. Higher education and research are at the forefront of the government policies aiming towards more innovative, more just, and more dynamic societies.…

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Educational Psychology Expert, David Shriberg

Educational and psychological consultation is about using one’s talents to provide support in direct and indirect ways to schools, communities, and organizations.  Virtually all of my work traces back to consultation in some way. My…

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