2016 Aquaculture Economics & Management Best Paper Award Announced! Aquaculture Economics & Management

Aquaculture Economics & Management

The International Association of Aquaculture Economics & Management is pleased to award its annual Best Paper Award for the 2016 volume of Aquaculture Economics & Management.  This award is presented annually to recognize and honor the best paper published each year in the journal Aquaculture Economics & Management.

For the 2016 volume, the winning article is:

Abate, T.G., R. Nielsen, & R. Tveterås. 2016. Stringency of Environmental Regulation and Aquaculture Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis. Aquaculture Economics & Management 20(2):201-221.

There is growing recognition of the negative effects of environmental regulations on the growth of aquaculture.  Abate et al. (2016) showed, in an analysis of 95 countries in all world regions, that the stringency of environmental regulations has a significant and negative effect on the growth of aquaculture.

Honorable Mention for the 2016 volume goes to:

Kankainen, M., J. Setälä, A. Kause, C. Quinton, S. Airaksinen & J. Koskela. 2016. Economic values of supply chain productivity and quality traits calculated for a farmed European whitefish breeding program. Aquaculture Economics & Management 20(2):131-164.

Congratulations to the authors.