New Associate Editor Announcement Sports Biomechanics

Sports Biomechanics

Dear Biomechanics Colleagues,

On behalf of the Search Committee for the Call for Associate Editor(s), I am pleased to announce that we have now appointed Dr Drew Harrison (University of Limerick, Ireland), Dr João Paulo Vilas-Boas (University of Porto, Portugal), and Dr Benedicte Vanwanseele (KU Leuven, Belgium), to serve as Associate Editor for Sports Biomechanics, official journal of The International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS).

We received a high volume of applicants from 27 countries for the Call for Associate Editor(s) for Sports Biomechanics. The Search Committee reviewed each of the applicant’s publications, their reviewing and editing in applied biomechanics of sports and exercise, as well as their reviewing for Sports Biomechanics.

We would like to thank all applicants as they have all shown their devotion to serve the journal.


Dr Daniel Fong

Editor-in-Chief, Sports Biomechanics

9 October 2017


Search Committee:


Daniel Fong, Editor-in-Chief


Young-Hoo Kwon, ISBS President, Former Editor-in-Chief                      

Sarah Clarke, ISBS Vice President (Publications)                  

Ross Sanders, Former Editor-in-Chief                    

Duane Knudson, Former ISBS Vice President (Publications)

Elizabeth Bradshaw, Associate Editor

Daniel Herman, Associate Editor

Gerwyn Hughes, Associate Editor

Hiroyuki Nunome, Associate Editor

Veni Kong, Associate Editor